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Web Content Development: Copy for the Web

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Writing content for your website may seem simple. Possibly you have copy already written for your brochures, you have a vision in mind, maybe you have a department devoted to controlling your message. Stratecomm can work with the copy you provide, either posting it straight up or reformatting it, even rewriting it when necessary. Our goal is to provide you with an effective website that not only looks great but focuses and delivers your message to the visitors we’ve worked so hard to bring you.

Writing great content for the web is a special skill. Web content is typically tighter, arranged in chunks of information, and highlighted for the quick scanning audience. Unlike text in a book or even a magazine, web content competes constantly with other open windows, links, or other listings on a search engine results page. There is no buy-in, no commitment on the part of the user to finish an article or plow through information.

The good news is that most users have already shown some interest, often by entering a query in a search engine similar to the content on your page. The bad news is they’ve also found hundreds of other pages on the same topic.

Stratecomm exists, in part, because we’ve successfully used content to bring users through the door. We have successfully conveyed our message and purpose to audiences seeking services similar to what we offer. We have refined this technique on other Stratecomm websites, as well as with those clients who have hired us to develop content along with design.

Content development is, for us, a very client-centered activity. We are well-schooled in the various theories and guidelines on writing for the web[link to article]. However, our clients often have specific messages they want to convey. Sometimes they work in specialized fields where language needs to be precise and tone-controlled. Our process includes developing an understanding of the client, the client’s message, and the field in which the client works. We look at the client's target audiences before deciding how much information to offer, how to arrange it, what level to pitch it at, etc. Of course, we also work with the client to gain feedback and approval before any text goes live.

Stratecomm creates websites with excellent design, appropriate technology, and the kind of content that serves the needs of the visitor while getting across the message, vision, or needs of the site owner.