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Building a website is, like many things, mostly a function of preparation. The more pre-planning work you do, the easier, faster, and cheaper the actual process becomes. If you decide you’re just going to wing it, you’ll probably pay a lot more for something that looks like it was pasted together. Parts may be great, but the whole will be shaky.

There are clients who come to us having done considerable research. They have done plenty of internal reflection to the point that they fully understand why they want a website and what they want it to be like. These clients often provide a very detailed request for proposal. This RFP is taken almost directly over as the specification document.

These clients are uncommon though. Most know they want a website. Different departments may have different ideas about why. They don’t really know what the website can do for them and haven’t really researched the standards for design and functionality in their field.

Some web design firms only like the first type of client. It is easier to satisfy someone who clearly understands what he or she wants. However, Stratecomm is excited when we get the opportunity to help a company discover what its internet strategy should be. We have a lot of experience in working with clients to understand just what their website needs are, who should be involved in the decision-making process, and how to develop the specific requirements. In fact, being involved in the pre-production phase often allows us to find smoother, better-tailored solutions.