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This service is recommended either in conjunction with web design and development services or to enhance the visibility of your existing online marketing efforts.

Prior to designing a customized strategy for your website, StrateComm will perform an initial assessment of your site's competitiveness the field is, what techniques are commonly used by the top competing sites, and the existing traffic levels for the targeted audiences. We will look at current programming choices and those being made in any redevelopment of the website. The outcome of this initial assessment will determine how much time we will propose for each area of the SEO campaign.

The deployment of the SEO strategy consists of two phases. Phase I consists of market research that is designed to ensure that your website is properly optimized and submitted to appropriate search engines and directories. The second phase involves additional research and focuses on a link-building campaign to achieve higher rankings and provide more direct traffic.

StrateComm’s proven SEO strategy includes the following basic services:

  • Keyword & Key Phrase  Research. Identifying the key phrases used by target audiences is critical to any SEO campaign. We use a combination of traffic analysis and user interviews.
  • Page Titles, Headers & Content Recommendations. The primary mechanism for obtaining high rankings is developing relevant content. Such content must be presented to search engines using the proper page titles, tags, and opening phrases. We will provide tags and titles and suggest phrases to use in opening content.
  • Search Engines & Directories. Once the new site has been completed, we propose submission of the site to several major directories and search engines. In some cases, this submission process will involve a fee to be paid by the client. A list of potential fee-based submissions will be given to the client for approval.
  •  Link Solicitation. One of the primary ranking factors used by search engines is an analysis of sites that are linked to the page in question. Similar to a citation analysis, this method measures certain links as authoritative and gives a relevancy score to a page based on that. StrateComm will investigate websites that link to related sites, or because of a strong content match, should link to this type of material. We will solicit links from such sites, providing back-links where appropriate.
  • Rank Reporting. StrateComm will conduct an initial ranking report eight weeks after the site is completed. Additional reports can be generated at the unit pricing indicated in the table below:

SEO Monitoring & Maintenance

Once initial design has been completed, StrateComm will monitor your site rankings of the website with all major search engines, as well as the identified key phrases for traffic variations. When there is either a drop in rankings or an opportunity to raise traffic because of shifts in key phrases used by searchers, StrateComm will include suggested strategies along with the ongoing report.

Because of the lag time in search engine response to changes, StrateComm recommends the creation of the following reports quarterly:

  •  Search Rank Reports.  StrateComm will run a report on the ranking of the website with the major search engines and directories for up to 20 key phrases that represent the targeted audiences.
  • Traffic Analysis.  StrateComm will analyze the number of searches being conducted by users for the selected key phrases and for similar key phrases, with a view to identifying any shift in search behavior.
  • Maintenance & Updates. Using the results of the rank and traffic reports, StrateComm will evaluate the progress of the current optimization strategy and suggest any changes in content, titles, and submission as necessary.

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