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Stratecomm Corporate Overview

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In 1999, the internet was still, in many ways, immature. To have a website, you had to hire a designer, a programmer, a hosting company, and there were still a lot of things you had to do yourself. Stratecomm was formed by a group of people who had learned the hard way that you need a lot of pieces to create and maintain a quality website work. At the time, a Web design firm that provided all the services needed in one place was novel. A few big design firms were serving the high end consumers of the market, at prices that started at $500K and up. However, nobody was around to work with the small company, the non-profit, the trade association, or even small government groups.

Over the next few years, the internet industry experienced many challenges. Many of our competitors disappeared, casualties of the sudden change in attitudes about spending and financing internet enterprises. Others fell to declining business and tightening budgets. After 9-11, times grew even tighter, as budgets for marketing and promotion were frozen.

Through it all, Stratecomm has survived and steadily grown, in part due to our traditional business model. Instead of grand promises and wild expectations, we have always offered a well-reasoned approach to each client’s problems. We have provided solutions we can support, for prices that match the value of our work.

As the internet has matured, Stratecomm has added capabilities and services in order to remain a sole-source solution to its Clients. We have added better Webmaster packages for site maintenance, as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) for those who need them. We have increased our proficiency with multi-media elements, scripting, and database development. We have developed a system of search engine optimization that has resulted in high rankings for our web sites and those of our clients.

The Stratecomm offices are in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, in the heart of Washington DC’s most energetic and creative area. We are proud to be part of the local community, and count several neighbors among our clients. Stratecomm is also very much part of the wider DC community, with clients on Capitol Hill, all over the city, and in the suburbs. But, as an internet company, Stratecomm has long been able to deliver services and handle clients all over the country, as well as internationally.

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