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What Are the Costs of Bad Web Sites?

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Once upon a time, any company with a website was one step ahead of everyone else. The tide changed several years ago, however, when comments like the following could be heard: "They don't even have a website!"

Having a website is a basic operational requirement, much like having a phone. Still, while some companies spend hundreds of thousands, others who have felt the "need" have spent the bare minimum to create a basic looking and functioning site to establish their Web presence.

Things have continued to evolve. In most every industry, the standards of professionalism have continued to rise. Having a bad website is now a new way to stand out, but not in a good way.

Here's how a bad website can compromise your business:

  • A site with bad graphic design is often the first impression someone will have of your firm. You may have a nice sign, a pleasant reception area, perhaps your employees dress professionally. But if a visitor goes to your Website first, they won't see any of it.
  • A site with text that is dated, at best, lets people know you don't keep things up do date. At worst it may continue to promote an image or message that you no longer wish to present.
  • A site with bad functionality can drive a visitor away in frustration. It's unlikely the visitor will come back, either to your Website or to your office. Broken links, images that never load, forms that ask for information but don't deliver, back-buttons that won't go back, all cause people to click away as quick as they can.
  • A website that makes promises will cause great problems if you don't deliver. Do you offer products, mailings, or newsletters? Do your promise information, instructions, prices, or answers to great questions? If you do, and people come to your site and navigate, register, or order, then you will look bad if you don't deliver.