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I have an existing site. Can Stratecomm redesign it?

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Of course. Maybe your website was fine when you had it built, but additional content has caused it to distort. Perhaps you’ve added services and features, but you no longer want to deal with your original designer. Possibly you hate the colors, but like the layout and content. You want change, but not a completely new website. We can do that.

However, you may not save money. If your site was done using proprietary methods and programming, or if you no longer have the original raw image files, we will have to reproduce most of the original work. Even if the original work is available, you may find that it doesn’t quite fit into the new site. Even though it is designed to look like the original site, all of the files might be completely new. If you are just wanting to change a few images or update content, that is more maintenance than redesign. If you come to us with a site that, for whatever reason, you don’t like. We’ll change it, giving you something that works much better. We can preserve the content, recreate the important graphic features, we can protect your directory structure and keep the existing traffic. Just ask.