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How involved should the client be in Web Design?

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It’s your website. Our goal is that you end up happy. To get their, we will keep you involved in the process. We will gather as much information as we can on your design preferences. We will show you samples for feedback. When we begin creating the final product, we will place it on a test-bed, giving you plenty of opportunity to test and explore. Only with your final approval will the site go live.

However, that doesn’t mean we have to call you every day. The best structure is up to you. Some of our clients prefer to be constantly involved in the details. Others prefer to just give us some initial instructions, then let us take the ball and run with it. We can accommodate either set of preferences, as long as they are clear. And, if you aren’t sure how you want to do it, we can ask you a few questions about how you like to work and suggest the optimal working relationship.

It is key that you, as the client, care. That can mean either you are trusting us, or that you are staying close to the process so that your needs are well known. We care about our products. We aren’t really interested in clients to whom their website is an afterthought. Clients are paying us because we deliver custom, quality results. f that’s not what you want, you should consider a template-driven system.